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    The Company AMETIST was founded in 1992 and is recognized today by the Russian furniture manufacturers as a leader in furniture business, a stable and reliable partner.
    AMETIST specializes in supplying high quality furniture accessories and materials to Russian market.  There are two main fields of activity:

Furniture accessories and fittings:
    - Furniture fittings;
    - Furniture lighting;
    - Aluminium systems;
    - Cabinet furniture accessories;
    - Upholstery fabrics;
    - Genuine leather;
    - Artificial leather;
    - Upholstery furniture fillers;
    - Materials for contract projects.

    The stock program includes over five thousand positions in several price segments.  There are about 80 foreign suppliers – the major manufacturers from Europe and Asia.
    Company’s clients are over three thousand manufacturers of upholstery and cabinet furniture from 50 Russian regions among which there are major furniture factories as well as new rapidly growing enterprises.
    AMETIST has a network of branch offices covering 28  Russian cities which allows local manufacturers efficiently communicate with the Company and receive the deliveries through their local dealers.
    Class A modern warehouse complex with a total area of more than 6.000 m2 and a finely tuned system of International logistics allows AMETIST to keep necessary stock level as well as to reserve stock space for specific clients.
    A team of professionals supports the promotion process of new materials and fittings by providing the manufacturers with samples, highly qualified technical and designer solutions,
    by organizing special seminars and trainings and implementing various marketing tools helping thus to build solid relationship with business partners.
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